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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Exams // requesting a challenge
delirium happy
So that's my second of four exams done. There were two things which I said to myself last night about the exam: the first was that I'd have absolutely no problems provided that the questions weren't evil and bastardly and horrible. The second was that I'd happily fail the exam if $other_person who was having a hard time could stop having a hard time.

Come the actual exam, two of the three sections (one each corresponding to three modules) were nice and straightforward, but one of them did, indeed, contain evil and bastardly and horrible questions, and I made a complete mess of it. And while I don't think I actually failed it, I'm interpreting this as God hearing what I had to say about willingness to fail, partially taking me up on it, but being nice to me since it was a generous offer. I'm expecting to see an upturn in $other_person any time soon.

Somehow, I appear to have turned into an incurable optimist when I wasn't looking. Oh well. Mustn't grumble.

My next exam isn't until Tuesday, so I'm able to spend the whole of tonight doing nothing but being slobby, and not feel guilty about not revising. I spent all of Wednesday after that exam doing nothing as well, but felt vaguely guilty for that, so I distracted myself from the guilt by going to watch Star Wars. I may post my thoughts on this in more detail at some point (probably as a way of procrastinating revision), but my basic reaction was "squee".

No guilt tonight though. Instead, I'm pondering the end of my exams. I only started a couple of days ago, and already it seems as if they're nearly over. I guess they are really. One week and two exams to go really isn't very much at all. And then I have the whole summer to myself. This is good, because having free time is always nice, but bad, because there's the risk that I'll end up spending four months doing absolutely nothing.

So, I'm pondering ways to try to make sure I do stuff over the summer, and I want to ask you lot to give me challenges, of a sort. For instance, you might challenge me to change my hair style or colour. Or you might challenge me to learn the rudiments of human physiology. Or to buy something from a shop I've never been to before. Or so on.

Challenges must not: be difficult or impossible to achieve over the summer ("become fluent in Cantonese"), be incredibly easy to the point they are in no ways challenging or interesting ("flush the toilet"), have moral or legal implications ("streak down Oxford Street"), or be utterly and entirely without point ("spend 4 hours with your finger in your ear"). Otherwise, anything goes.

Essentially, just a list of things that I can have sitting there for me for when I'm bored, or can't think of anything better to do, to ensure that I actually do interesting stuff over the summer. The sort of stuff that will enrich my life, and drag me out of a rut, and get me doing things that I otherwise probably wouldn't do.

Feel free to offer as many or as few challenges as you can think of. I make no promise that I'll actually do all of them, but obviously I'm planning on at least trying them, otherwise I wouldn't be asking.

Oh yes, and I haven't forgotten about the photography thingy either; I've just been distracted by exams and stuff.

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Get to the summit of Ingleborough, Pen-y-ghent and Whernside.

*love* kick butt on the rest of your exams. I'm glad only one of the questions was ebil.

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