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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I'm sort of thinking that I ought to start doing some sort of exercise, on the grounds that my cardiovascular conditioning is a bit pants. Can anyone here recommend any form of exercise which I can do from the comfort of my home, which requires either no equipment or only cheap, readily-available equipment, which can be done fairly easily either in front of a television or to music, which doesn't contain any jerky movements, which will improve my cardiopulmonary conditioning, and which is actually possible for someone who is monumentally unfit? Thanks.

(And as an aside, does any word exist which means "pertaining to the hearts, the lungs and the blood vessels"? Because neither cardiopulmonary nor cardiovascular seems to be completely appropritae here.)

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Simplest thing to do would be one of these. You could probably rig something similar up yourself with spare bits and bobs. Or something like this might be useful. I'm considering one of those for winter walking when I can't go outside in case I freeze my limbs off.

And pomegranate juice helps the heart and arteries. You can get Pomegreat in the juice section in Sainsburys / Morrisons / Boots / Holland & Barrett.

Or there's always yoga.

Yoga is one of those things that sounds appealing to me, but where I wouldn't have a clue where to start, and I'd be afraid of trying a "teach yourself yoga" book or website for fear that I'd get it hopelessly wrong and end up breaking my back, or some such. And the thought of actually attempting a yoga class is all kinds of terrifying.

The second of those doohickeys that you linked, with the little wossnames to put your feet into ad walk on the spot, looks kinda nifty. I may well give one of thema try.

I'm currently downloading a beginners yoga dvd to have a peek at it. Figure I might take to it, or I might laugh a lot at it. Either way, could be entertaining. Should be safe enough, too, just won't do anything I'm not sure about or think I might break my back doing. I think the beginners stuff is all pretty simple, though. And I find the idea of going to a class terrifying, too. Not something I want to do.

I'm looking on ebay at those steppers now. Can get them cheaper than argos, though the similar ones to the argos one don't have the step count and stuff, but no great loss.

I got the stepper from Argos. 5 mins on the thing, and I'm panting and my heart is going. Think I need to make some adjustments before I kill myself. But it seems easy enough to use, so you could exercise to music, or watch TV. Might even be able to play console games. :P

(Deleted comment)
I think we may be working off different definitions of jerky. I'm thinking of things like squat-thrusts, or jumping jacks, or anything like that sort of extreme of jerkiness. Minor jerkiness, I think I can live with though. Thanks for the suggestions though. I think I'd rather avoid pushups et al if possible, in favour of something a little more gentle, done over a longer time, if that makes sense. I'll just see what works for me though, really (and I'm not starting on anything until after my exams are finished).

Dancing or swimming are both fun.. the exercise described at the NoSDiet.com page can also help. I like.. bellydance, gets your heart rate up and is not jerky, has music, is fun and prettie...

Belly dancing may be pretty when you do it, but if I tried it then it would probably look like the death throes of a constipated walrus. Well, ok, it wouldn't be that bad, but I doubt it would be pretty either. The thing with dancing, I think, is that I don't really know what I'm doing. If I were to just try dancing, it would feel odd, I think, and I'd not be abe to avoid just feeling as if it were just something I was doing for exercise, and if I'm doing that, I'd rather just go with something simpler, I think. I might try it, but I don't think it would work particularly well for me. Or something.

Swimming is totally out, because of things like gendered changing rooms, asshole teenagers,and other such horrible triggers. Which is a shame, really. I think I'd probably enjoy swimming if I could have an entire swimming pool all to myself. Maybe I need to become a millionaire and buy one, or something.

The no S diet thing looks interesting and Sane. I might consider trying something along those lines at some point. I don't really need to lose weight, but I could definitely stand to try eating more healthily. One step at a time though, I think.

Well, if you are dancing in the privacy of your own home, it's okay to look really really stupid (as I am sure I do as well).. You don't need to know what you are doing or do it "right" .. the point is to MOVE, get your heart rate up. Have you ever tried DDR? It doesn't take much precision, is a ton of fun, and feels like .. fun, playing a video game, instead of exercise.

Though, without getting to your target heart rate, any exercise doesn't do much for you. You could do stairs (though that can be a bit tough on your knees) or yoga, but yoga does not burn many calories. You don't need to do a high-impact thing like jogging.. Walking is also something fun and easy, just find someone to walk with, or get a tape player or cd player and listen to music and chill out as you walk. 30 minutes or so a day is great.

Oh, and if you want to emphasise health and maybe eat a bit more healthy, start drinking more water - aim for 2 liters or more per day - this keeps you full (often when you feel hungry you are actually just thirsty) and flushes out bad stuff from your body :)

I think the problem with a lot of people is that exercise is never fun for them.. That's ok.. You don't have to LIKE exercise.. but you still need to do it (I should take my own advice).. But you can make it as appealing as possible by doing it with a buddy, to your favorite music, etc. ANd by knowing you are doing somethign GOOD for yourself in the process.

The problem with dancing wouldn't be feeling stupid -- I'm used to doing that -- but feeling pointless. Which it wouldn't be, I know, but if it felt it... DDR might be a really good idea. I could see that being the sort of thing that might well work for me. I've never tried it before, but it does seem plausible. Of course, it would mean that I'd need to get myself a playstation, but that would just have to be a sacrifice I'd have to make.

Walking would be perfect for me if it didn't involve leaving the flat. The outside has things like other people, and pollen, and weather, and chavs, and cars, and all sorts of other undesirable things, and generally costs far too many spoons. Not having to leave my flat is pretty much necessary if I'm actually hoping to do anything on a regular basis.

My plan is that if I could find something that I could do for half an hour or so in the comfort of my own home, I'd probably be able to keep to that by doing it while watching TV or listening to music, or something like that.

I should start doing the 2l of water per day thing again. It's generally not too hard for me, because I drink nothing but water anyway, and always from 1/2 litre bottles. I used to fill up 4 bottles in the morning, and then be sure that I drank them all before I went to bed. I think I stopped when I went back to university 18 months ago, out of a desire to avoid using public toilets, since they also use up an excessive number of spoons. I should probably do it over the summer at least though, when that isn't an issue. Don't know whether I'd be able to keep it up come October when I go back to uni again though.

This comment was brought to you by the "yes, I really am that fucked up" party.

*hugs* Running out of spoons an hour after waking up sucks. :(

DDR you could do in your home, and I swear it's a blast.. I find it so much fun. Definitely do the water thing.

How about getting a second-hand treadmill? Doesn't need to be expensive - not even motorized, it could be the kind that move by you walking on it.

Alternatively, you could get an exercise video or two and some small weights and just do aerobic/weight training exercises.

If you're going for DDR get Dancing Stage Euromix for PSOne (it has way more tracks than anything else and a very good tutorial mode), also get the Logic3 dance mat (Maplin had them very cheap when last I looked), not any of the others which tend to break quickly or not have the top and bottom attached together well (MadKatz and Game own brand are particularly bad). If you have a hard floor buy non-adhesive rug liner to stop the mat from slipping.

maybe I could bring over dance mats and my psOne when I visit?

*dies at the belly dancing thing* I love you so much, ρ

Swimming. I hate changing rooms too. I don't suppose you could go with a swimsuit under your clothes? Maybe I'm just the type that doesn't mind the ride home in a wet suit. If you come visit me in Arizona (you'd have to put up with my mother) you could swim in our pool.


And the companion website www.nosdiet.com

(I've been off and on with the NoS diet, but mainly off with the shovelglove. I'm a lazy snot.)

Would it kill me to refresh comments and read them all before responding?

Yes. Yes, it would.

*pat* It's all right. I had forgotten the name of the exercise ;)

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