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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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25 things
delirium happy
pthalogreen did this, and it seemed like a good thing to do, so I'm copying it. 25 things which I have accomplished in my life (in no particular order):
  1. When I was 10 or 11, I took the entrance exams for a couple of private schools, and got accepted into both. One of them offered me a scholarship based on my very high mark in my maths paper (I ended up going to the other one; my parents didn't actually tell me about the offered scholarship until several years later).
  2. In GCSE (standardised national exams, at age 16) maths, we had a teacher who was a really nice guy, but not the best teacher in the world. So, in the areas where he wasn't clear, I taught myself from the textbook, and then taught it to the two people I sat next to in class. I ended up with an A*, and I think they both got As.
  3. 6A*s, 1A and 3Bs at GCSE, then 5As at A-level (exams at age 18) has to be worth something.
  4. I got a place at one of the world's top universities (Oxford; specifically, Oriel College). I may have dropped out after a couple of terms, but getting in was an achievement.
  5. When I was 15, I was on my school's chemistry team, that came second (by one point) in a regional competition.
  6. When I was 17 (I think) I appeared on the quiz show, "15 to 1 schools" where my school's team won our heat, but didn't get enough points to reach the next round (despite my embarassing inability to tell the Mary Rose from the Mary Celeste.
  7. I still remember enough French to be confident of being able to communicate with a monolingual francophone, despite not having to actually use any of my French in 8 years.
  8. I had a letter published in the Young Telegraph when I was young.
  9. I've managed to get out of bed every day now for over a year.
  10. I did various LJ volunteer type stuff, and helped to make syndication and documentation suck less than they otherwise would do.
  11. I have 8 exes, 1 current and a couple of nevers, and none of them hate me. Or if they do, they hide it very well.
  12. Provided that I manage to pass the exams I'm currently taking, I've completed 1/2 of a master's degree (MPhys). Considering it took me three attempt to get beyond a couple of terms, that's definitely worth something.
  13. I achieved sufficient notoriety on parts of Usenet, that I'd relatively often meet people who knew who I was, when I didn't know them.
  14. I raised something like £100 for Comic Relief a couple of years ago by doing Daft Things.
  15. 24 full revolutions around the sun and still not dead.
  16. I learned perspective and proportion (and I'm not talking art here).
  17. I finally learned to realise just how damn cool I am, without developing a big head (I think).
  18. When I was 17, I went on holiday to Iceland with a couple of friends, and we actually went a fair way off the beaten track. Not too far, but fairly impressive for a group of 17 year olds.
  19. I've managed to go most of the way towards beating depression. And good riddance, I say.
  20. I've made people think.
  21. I've made people laugh.
  22. I won a prize for being one of the best three physicists in my year at my uni last year.
  23. When I was bullied in school, I actually managed to both tell teachers about it, and do what I could to avoid the people in question.
  24. I learned to stop giving a damn about the opinions of most people, but to pay extra-close attention to the opinions of people who mattered.
  25. I managed to use the word "floccinaucinihilipilification" in an actual conversation as an actual word, rather than just an example of a long word. (Yes, this one is silly, but thinking up this many accomplishments was tough.)
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5. When I was 15, I was on my school's chemistry team, that came second (by one point) in a regional competition.

<laughs out loud at the idea of chemistry as a team sport[1]>

[1] In a stereotypical throwing-things-that-stink-and-go-bang-at-the-other-team-while-wearing-rugby-kit-and-labcoats mental image kind of way.

Good list.
You certainly made me think about manylots of things over the years, and you still do :)

I've always wanted to go to Iceland. Actually, I want to do research there, but we don't need to get that specific when all I really mean to say is that I'm jealous.

I think you've done a lot. I'm always impressed by you.

You are an amazing person, and not just on an intellectual level. (I wish I were half as brilliant as you.)

truly a fabulous list :-)

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