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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
When I asked for advice about exercise a couple or three people mentioned Dance Dance Revolution. To my mind, this would seem to be a Good Idea, as it sounds like the sort of exercise that isn't so tediously dull that you stop doing it after 3 days. However, I'm a total ignoramus on the subject, so need further help:

What stuff would I need to buy for this? My understanding is that it would require a playstation (either 1 or 2), a dance mat, and one of the games. Is this correct?

How big, typically is a dance mat? I'd be mightily pissed off if I bought one and then discovered it didn't fit in here.

Any particular recommendations on what mat and/or game I should/should not buy? 36 already offered some suggestions in a comment on the last entry, but soliciting a wider range of opinions never hurts.

I'd probably go for a PS1 rather than a PS2, based on cost. Are there any reasons why this would be dumb? (for instance, if there was only a small price difference, or if the best game ever had just come out/was just about to come out on PS2, or so on.)

Anything else I ought to know?

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You'll need a PS2 or an Xbox, a pad (usually slightly larger than 5x5 square), and a game.

Look around for pads - I recommend the hard foam Red Octane pad, which runs a little over $100. It's durable, easy on the feet, is a good starter pad, and doesn't move around nearly as much as the flimsier ones. It also tends to come with one of the games.

Starting out, I'd recommend either Maxx 1 or Extreme, as both have a goodly number of songs that are friendly for beginners.

We're in the Dancing Stage european ghetto, none of those games are available here. PS2 versions especially are extremely crippled in the UK with our releases having 15 crappy tracks where the US release has 25 more, including all the good bits.

It costs money to get a UK PlayStation 2 to play import releases too.

Best UK option is Dancing Stage Euromix, after that everything else is so crippled that it's worth modding your Playstation and importing (if you need more tracks, Euromix has enough to keep you going for months).

(Deleted comment)
The best Dancing Stage (read UK DDR) games are on the PSOne, Dancing Stage Euromix and Dancing Stage Party Edition. All the recent PS2 versions have also had PS1 releases which have all the same (massively cut down compared to the US and Japanese version) tracks.

It's only worth getting a PS2 if you plan to mod it and import American or Japanese DDR games, if not the PSOne is perfectly adequate. I have a PS2 but only use PSOne Dancing Stage games on it (backwards compatibility).

You can get a slimline PSOne for about £30 new.

You could avoid the need for a console by using PyDance and an adapter for the dance mat.

beat me to it :-) pydance is awesome, and the guys who wrote it hang out in #pygames on irc.freenode.net all the time. they're very nice.

I've been playing DDR for about a year on my PC. Last summer pretty much all of my friends bought some kind of a DDR game, after getting addicted to it at my place. :)

I'm using Stepmania (http://www.stepmania.com) because it's free and quite good, too, and reads all the stepfile formats that can be downloaded from DDR websites. I have 2 playstation dancemats that are connected to my computer via a PS->USB adapter.

Some of my friends already had a PlayStation and/or an X-Box, so they just bought a mat and a game - but they didn't like it that much, since the games you buy from the stores only have a dozen different songs, and you're stuck with them until you buy another DDR game. For the PC DDR games, you can download hundreds of songs & stepfiles from various websites, or create your own stepfiles if you're into that.

http://www.stepmania.com/stepmania/mediawiki.php?title=USBAdapters contains a list of different PS->USB adapters, and whether or not they support the dancemat mode.

So I would recommend downloading one of the free PC games, some songs and then buying two mats and an adapter to connect the mats to your PC. Two mats because it's much more fun when you can play it together with a friend - that is, if you have the floor space for two mats.

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