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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I've decided that I'm going to take a break from LiveJournal. Again. First of all, let me make it clear that this is my decision, based on my issues, and my determination of what is currently best for me. Basically, the logic goes like this:

a. I mainly use my journal as a way of working through my own issues
b. Having to self-censor when doing so makes the whole thing pointless
c. Offending, upsetting and hurting people who I care about is upsetting to me
d. It is evidently not possible for me to do a while avoiding b and c

I could write a whole heap more here, because I've thought this through a whole bunch, but that would rather go against the point of being on a break.

Essentially, I found the last couple of entries way, way more upsetting than they should have been by any rational logic, so I'm going to be gone away until I figure out exactly why they were so upsetting (I have some idea, but am not certain) and also figured out exactly what it is that I want to get out of LiveJournal. This may take me hours to figure out, or it may take me months. I honestly don't know.

I haven't yet decided whether I'm going to continue reading. Maybe, or maybe not. And if I do, then maybe I'll comment, or maybe not. It's possible that I may even make the odd update along the lines of "hey, does anybody know $foo". I shan't be making any entries of substance until I have things better figured out in my brain though.

(Also: I contemplated disabling comments here, but decided against it. However, I'm not really interested in hearing any sentiment which can be expressed in under two normal-sized sentences, and I'm not going to answer any questions about why I'm doing this here. If you want to ask questions in a different, one-to-one medium, then I'd probably answer them. Thank you.)

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Good luck, hope you work it out. :) And leave me some fish, dammit! :P

I'm really annoyed that people have to take personally you posting what's on your mind. One's journal is about one's self. Of course, while I'm annoyed, I'm not surprised; this is why my user info has a disclaimer to that effect.

That said, obviously it's also your decision to take a break. It just sucks that you feel you do.

You take care during your break, and the rest of us will just have to suffer from thelack of our normal doses of well thought out, interestingly written, thought provoking LJNess.

Maybe we'll have to start writing our own to compensate, maybe we'll just wait, but I hope you get your head back in line with where you want it to be.

And again, take care and be well *smile n hug*

I'm sorry for any discomfort my comments may have caused you. I wasn't at any time upset with you or saying you were wrong on the points of your posts. I was just commenting about my perspective on a small aspect of it. But if any of my comments made you uncomfortable and I had known they would have, I wouldn't have posted them, as none of them were particularly important.

That said, I'll miss your posts, but look forward to you returning at some point when you wish to.

Two sentences? I choose...

We'll miss you. Come back soon!

Oh, can I throw a 'good luck' in there? Take care.

(Yes, that was more than two. Oh well.)

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