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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Drinking from bottles
delirium happy
Well I did say I might make an odd completely superficial entry or two...

Poll #513662 drinking

When drinking out of a plastic bottle, do you:

Put your lips entirely around the mouth of the bottle, forming a pressure seal
Put your bottom lip below the mouth of the bottle, but leave your top lip disengaged, enabling air to bubble up into the liquid you are drinking
I never drink from bottles
Some other weird way that I'm going to explain in comments

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I'd much prefer to put my lips entirely around the mouth of the bottle, as that somehow makes it easier for me to control how fast I'm pouring the liquid into my mouth (not choking++++), but I really hate how that makes the bottle collapse in. It's also noisier.

Air bubbling up into the liquid is not something I can say I have experienced though, drinking in my usual manner.

Although I do this very rarely, as I use a straw when available. And I don't drink from plastic bottles much anyhow.

um, the bottom of the mouth of the bottle rests on my bottom lip and my top lip presses about like a diameter across the bottle mouth.. that leaves room for pressure to be released unlike making a seal...

I usually just touch the bottle to my lips, squeezing the bottle to get liquid to flow if it is required.

It depends on how thirsty I am.

both 1 and 2 almost equally but slightly more for 1

It depends on the consistency of the container and the size of the opening, and my behaviour varies between 1 and 2. (Well, really... a small amount of the time I do 1, releasing the seal at short intervals unless I'm at the end of the bottle anyway and it's collapsible. The rest of the time I either do something like 2 -- top lip kind of in the middle of the bottle opening, so that as I'm drinking there's a "seal" between my bottom lip and the container and the fluid and my top lip, but then a gap above my top lip where the air can go through -- or 1.5 -- bottom lip below the mouth, top lip above the mouth, sides disengaged so there isn't a full seal.

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