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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Computer stuff
delirium happy
So, about a month after my computer died I just finally got around to getting a new PSU for it, which I got my hands on today. A couple of hours later, after a surpisingly long amount of time cursing at wires and asking bobert225 for help, my desktop computer is working once again. Hurrah! (For the curious, the problem was that I had to take the floppy drive out entirely in order to get a proper look at it to see how the power cord could be pulled out of it. In so doing, I managed to dislodge several IDE cables, and then when I put them back in, I got one of them the wrong way around. Very frustrating.)

However, a week on monday, I should be getting a new system, at which point this one is being inherited by my dad. As always with any new system, the big question is: what name do I give it? I currently have Spike (this desktop), Drusilla (a linux server box which hasn't even been turned on in over a year because I suck and never got around to configuring it for this network) and Angelus (my iBook). The obvious name for the new system would clearly be Darla (and if I ever get an iPod or similar, that would clearly be Harmony). But with Drusilla lying dormant, and Spike emigrating, there's also a temptation to abandon this naming system and move on.

Poll #528527 A computer by any other name

So what do I do?

Call her Darla
Call her something else, but don't rechristen the existing machines
Create a new naming scheme and, and rename existing machines accordingly

Any suggestions for names or name schemes?