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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
And I also meant to say but forgot:

The old non-working PSU which I took out of here carries a big warning on it saying "do not dismantle! trained service personel only! doing so may cause destruction of the known universe! etc!" (or words to that effect). Can anyone tell me if this is just because most people would be likely to fuck things up if they did take one apart, or if it's because they contain 96MF capacitors which hold their charge for approximately umpteen-zillion years, and would thoroughly electrocute me if I went anywhere near them? My scientific curiosity is telling me to open the thing up to see what's in there and see if i can get any idea as to how it works, but my caution is telling me that I really don't feel like getting electrocuted. So what gives?

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What people say. Be careful. If you're going to have to touch something test it with the back of your hand first (the hand will close up if you get a shock, which will pull it away if you use the back, but grip harder if you use the front).

And enjoy yourself :-)

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