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On the sale and release of Harry Potter books (no spoilers)
neopets, batting my eyelashes
So, Harry Potter book 6 is now out. And yes, I went and bought it at midnight, and yes I've now finished reading it, but no, I'm not going to be talking about it. I don't really see much point in doing so, at least at this time.

What I am interested though, is two things surrounding the release and sale of the book. Firstly, while I was waiting in the queue, I heard another queuer talking to a shop assistant about the adult edition of the book. Apparently, of the 900 copies that their shop had, only 150 were the adult edition, and all of them had been reserved specifically by people who had pre-ordered. They both commented on how they were surprised that the split between the two editions wasn't 50:50.

I was rather surprised by this. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would actually want to have one of the adult editions in preference to the children's editions. I can understand having no preference, and I can understand wanting the children's ones because they have prettier covers, but are people really so self-conscious that they don't want to be caught with a children's book? And do they really think that anyone seeing it won't know that it is anyway? People are odd.

The second thing that was interesting to me was the free book. As I bought my copy of The Half-Blood Prince, a guy behind the till stuffed it, and then another book, into the special HBP paper bag. When I got home, the book turned out to be Lionboy by Zizou Corder, which I'd never heard of, but which has an entirely uninspiring looking premise. When I bought Order of the Phoenix, I got a free copy of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. I'd assumed then that it was just something that shop was doing, but I'm now assuming not. Has anyone else been given free books upon making midnight purchases of the Harry Potter books? If so, has it been the same books as for me?

I'm wondering precisely how they're doing it. Are they giving away the free books only to those people who come in at midnight, or do they continue this unadvertised offer for longer? I'm also wondering what the motivation behind it is. Most of the people in the queues I saw seemed to be in their late teens or their twenties, so giving them children's books doesn't seem that it will be terribly effective at anything. At least The Warlock of Firetop Mountain had nostalgia value for people of that age group, but Lionboy (first published 2003) doesn't even have that going for it. Since they're not exactly going to have trouble shifting the Harry Potter books, I can only presume that this is intended to be promotional for the freebie books: people get given a free copy, then go away and read then either tell all their friends to read it or go and buy the sequels. I'm just not at all convinced that it's likely to work

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Disclaimer: I like sleep. So I've only read 125 pages so far. I don't want spoilers.

I was not given a free book when I bought HP6 at midnight, but I did get:

- a free poster, although I don't know what's on it because I didn't unroll it yet, and
- a free green plastic bracelet that has a picture of an owl and the words "July 16, 2005" on it.

I think this is the doing of the American publishers, though.

Oh, and in the bag were five 20% off coupons, each good for a specific children's fantasy book (at least that's what I assume they are, I haven't actually looked into it) in a different week in August. This is promotional, too.

Most of the people in the queues I saw seemed to be in their late teens or their twenties, so giving them children's books doesn't seem that it will be terribly effective at anything.
Same here. People who are of parental age can't leave their kids at home, and people who are still young enough for their parents to have control over them can't get out of the house that late. However, some "children's" books are better than some "adult" books, and maybe they think these books would appeal to the same sort of people who like Harry Potter?

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