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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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New Computer
delirium happy
I now have a new computer. This is the cause of much squee. It is also the cause of much downloading and installing of various crap, a task which I have only just started. So far i have:

Firefox (w/ tab mix and googlebar)

And that's it. Oh yes, and I've aso killed some of the teletubbification from windows xp. I know there are a million and one other things that I need to download or install, or settings I need to tweak and so on and so forth, but I'm sure I'm going to miss some. Help me out here, people; what are the important things I need on a new computer?

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LOL, Teletubbification. That's perfect.

Examining my Windows box (you may not want some of this):

A squillion codecs and plugins.
Acrobat something.
Cygwin, so you can use bash and essential tools like ncftp and wget. X server.
Virus/malware related gubbins (I generally go for the not-getting-infected-in-the-first-place school of thought, but sometimes they're worth having)
SCP client (if you use that sort of thing).
Gaim or instant messenger or choice (unless already covered by presence of putty).
IRC client (as above).
Non-crap text/hex editor.
Coaster making software.
DVD player.
Office suite (open or otherwise) - you'll need it eventually.
Evil drivers / software for any external toys you may have (scanners, printers, USB coffee warmers and so on).
Some sort of graphics software.
System tray utility that sits there innocuously 99.9% of the time, but when you're least expecting it beeps insanely and pops up a "Your motherboard temperature has exceeded 45C! Shut down immediately to prevent lossage! You're all going to die! (are you sure this is England?)" message.

Specific recommendations/other ideas: Spybot, Ad-aware, VLC and/or PowerDVD, OpenOffice, some bittorrent client (no ideas), PerfectDisk (mmm...defragging, the not-MS way!), gaim or Trillian, real Mozilla (c'mon, Firefox is tiny and not-so-powerful), the Nero burning stuff (had quite good luck with this)...I dunno, the usual.

I use Azureus as my BitTorrent client and it seems decent enough.

(Deleted comment)
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