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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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New Computer
delirium happy
I now have a new computer. This is the cause of much squee. It is also the cause of much downloading and installing of various crap, a task which I have only just started. So far i have:

Firefox (w/ tab mix and googlebar)

And that's it. Oh yes, and I've aso killed some of the teletubbification from windows xp. I know there are a million and one other things that I need to download or install, or settings I need to tweak and so on and so forth, but I'm sure I'm going to miss some. Help me out here, people; what are the important things I need on a new computer?

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Specific recommendations/other ideas: Spybot, Ad-aware, VLC and/or PowerDVD, OpenOffice, some bittorrent client (no ideas), PerfectDisk (mmm...defragging, the not-MS way!), gaim or Trillian, real Mozilla (c'mon, Firefox is tiny and not-so-powerful), the Nero burning stuff (had quite good luck with this)...I dunno, the usual.

I use Azureus as my BitTorrent client and it seems decent enough.

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