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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'm almost annoyed. I was having the most wonderful dream about a TV show which was both a compilation of the best comedy sketches about cheese and a celebration of Britain's diverse cheeses. I had just started watching the first sketch (which included two parrots and the song Jitterbug) when I was awoken by a phone call from BT reminding me that I hadn't paid my bill yet. Bah, and also humbug. Still, my own stupid fault for not having yet paid, I suppose.

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Britain has some wonderful cheeses of its own, they just tend not to get as good a press as the French ones do, probably because the Brits tend to be less passionate about their cheeses. The cheeses you buy off the supermarket shelf here tend to be a little on the bland side but if you dig a little deeper, and pay a little extra, there are some fantastic ones, mainly farmhouse produced traditional local cheeses. One of my all time favourite ever shops is a little shop in London that just sells really good cheeses from all over Britain. The smell in there is simply divine. Personally, I have to speak up in favour of Mrs. Kirkham's Lancashire cheese, but there's a host of other good ones. Swaledale, wensleydale, stilton...

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