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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Well everyone else was doing it
delirium happy
This entry tastes almost but not quite entirely unlkely reality.

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

Does ratkrycek look better with long hair?
The time she had bum-length hair and dyed it fluorescent green was really cool.
What is the most embarrassing thing you know about memevector?
That time when she was 12, with the lawnmower, the badger and the jar of honey.
What happened the last time you and elmyra were hanging out together?
We were approached by a time traveller from the future, who told us that the only way to save the earth was to keep that meeting a secret.
What would kimble do with half a million dollars (U.S.)?
She would spend some of it on an expensive makeover, with plastic surgery and an image consultant and what have you, and then invest the rest in Microsoft shares.
Is dave_t_lurker an innie or an outie?
A freak accident at birth means he has no belly button at all. The weirdo.
What historical figure does just_the_ash most remind you of?
King James III of Scotland.
Who would make a better stuffed animal, pottersues or papervolcano?
The papervolcano stuffed animals are already in production, and are anticipated to be the "must have" toy for this Christmas.
What is the strangest thing miss_corinne has ever said to you?
That she had a really big crush on Thora Hird.
What is skinofafish's favorite song?
The Birdie Song.
Why did lothie cross the road?
Because the flagstones on the original side hurt her feet to walk on.
What do you think of ladyortyger's family?
Her second cousin is really hot.
Does ruthi have a funny-shaped head or what?
No. Having a head shaped like a cheesegrater is perfectly normal.
In what ways are you smarter than leora?
I know way more than she does about Californian geography.
When was the last time you talked to ozarque?
Whom does tea_cantata get along best with?
Donald Rumsfeld. Those two are inseparable.
Can deslea become invisible at will?
No. She only becomes invisible when she gets wet.
What political beliefs of froia_arme do you disagree with?
The extension of voting rights to skunks over the age of 3. I think they should have to be at least 4.
Can alsatia solve a Rubik's Cube?
Only by using telekinesis.
acerbic is in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. What now?
She asks Chris where she should be going.
Where do you think littlepthalo is right now?
In a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
Does a_3d_tattoo know how to spell the word 'embarrass' correctly?
It would be emmbarasing if she didn't.
What is bertho's religion?
He's a fanatical born-again Christian. His favourite hobby is distributing Chick tracts.
Is maria_gorbatova evil?
I cannot answer this one, for fear that if I do she may track me down and kill me.
Did oscarhocklee leave the stove on again?
No. How could he? He hates cooking and would never touch the stove.
What's the biggest difference between sarianna and crschmidt?
Their geogrphical locations. They live about as far apart as you can get while stillb eing on the same planet.
Is rahaeli best described as a badger, a mushroom, or a snake?
She's actually a combination of all three, created by a mad renegade genetic engineer.
Why would rozallin go to heaven but haggis go to hell?
Because Rozallin is a sheep but haggis is a goat. Obviously.
kamara: ninja, pirate, monkey, or robot?
Retired ninja.
Will jpallan ever amount to anything?
She's on the verge of her big breakthrough as a director of pornographic films.
What is ryo_chan's favorite movie?
Battlefield Earth.
What was slovakia wearing, the last time you noticed?
A pair of white knee socks, a pink tutu, and a black leather stetson.
Would you sooner donate a kidney to from or sath?
They can have one each! It's ok, I have three.
How would conuly survive on a desert island?
She would quickly teach herself to photosynthesise.
Is jamesgreen's spoon too big?
Only on Tuesdays.
Is palndrumm a morning person or a night person?
He's been in a coma for the past 17 years, so neither.
Who would win in a fight between wingedkami and lithiana?
Given that one of them is an RPG character who frequently ends up in fights, and the other is a computer geek, this would clearly be lithiana.
What four adjectives best describe aquarionical?
Amorphous, relativistic, green and female.
When's the last time you saw amphoteric?
I can see her right now; she's sitting in my lap as I type this.
Have you ever seen ladysisyphus naked?
Yes. She posed naked for me once, and I took lots of photos, which I have on a CD.
What would you most like to do with livredor?
Keep her in my wardrobe, to be pulled out and admired on special occasions.
What kind of book would rottenfruit and jaala jointly write?
A rather bleak sort of novel about the difficulty of finding high quality cheese in Canada.
What do you find admirable about windiain?
The number of "i"s in his username.
What do you think of when you see beginning?
I think that she's a very good place to start.
What does phoenixdreaming think of America's involvement in Iraq?
It was the reason she campaigned for and voted for George W. Bush at the last election.
What do chess and barakta have in common?
Their usernames both have really weird origins.
How many siblings does pthalogreen have?
14. She comes from a good Catholic family.
What does desleawrimo look for in a significant other?
Pretty toenails is her primary criterion, I believe.
If marnanel and burr86 were superheroes, which one would be the sidekick?
Definitely burr, because Math Boy would be an awesome name for a sidekick.
If you had the chance to sleep with jenmcd, would you?
Who would make a better window-washer, bridgetester or freso?
Due to his interest in folk music, freso would be better able to sing George Formby's "When I'm Cleaning Windows".

This is by heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

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Aww, I feel so special!

How'd you sneak me in here? I thought it was people you know IRL?

I love your answers, BTW. Just fantastic. I actually enjoyed reading this one. Some of the others I've seen today were so bland...

How'd you sneak me in here? I thought it was people you know IRL?

Different things. Apparently there's two of them going around. The other one only includes people you've met in person, but this one includes everyone. I like this one rather bet, partly because the questions are better, and partly because whether I've met someone in person has relatively little bearing on how well I know them.

Nevermind. Found it. :)

And this one is formated better.

I did the other one with people I had had more than one or two conversations with - i.e people I knew vaguely well. This eliminated the hundreds of random people who I don't know very well from LJ or BiCon or whatever.

I also got to eliminate people with multiple journals, some people have 3 or 4 journals and I think one of them has 5...

California has geography? No wonder I can never find my way around this place.

It does! I know it does, because I remember having to learn about bits of it when I was about 15 or so. I can't remember any of it anymore though, of course. All that's left is a vague recollection of learning to label various thinga on a map, and the possibility that there might have been some sort of agriculture involved.

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