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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Gripe du jour
delirium pissed off
Does anyone who isn't me find the rebranding of "phone posts" and "post by email" to "voice posts" and "mobile posts" respectively incredibly confusing and non-intuitive? Every time I see reference to them anywhere on the LJ site, I always have a brief "huh?" moment of doubletake before I actually realise what they're talking about. I'm also tempted to make a phone post that at no point includes my voice, just out of spite.

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A "mobile post" sounds like it should be sent in from a mobile phone, so they could have come up with a better name there. I don't see anything wrong with leaving "voice posts" named phone posts, personally.

I hate it. I do a keyword search on the faq.bml (CTRL+F) for "phone" and get nothing. I do it for "mobile" and get nothing. I don't even think "voice." Duh.

I think that 'mobile posts' are generally posted through sms-to-email gateways, which is why there is an implication of using a mobile phone.

LiveJournal specializes in ridiculous, though.

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