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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Whether the weather be fine...
delirium happy
The other day, I went out to the supermarket at around about dusk. At this time, it was almost but not quite dark, there were dark heavy clouds covering the whole sky, and it was fairly chilly. In other words, the weather was perfect. That is, the weather was perfect if you're me. I just feel naturally comfortable and at ease in that sort of weather in a way that I don't when it's hot and sunny. I do recognise, however, that I probably hold the minority viewpoint on this one.

But it got me thinking: why do people like warm weather? I can understand why people tend to react well to sunlight since it's useful for production of things like serotonin and vitamin D. But the thing about warmth has me fairly baffled. At first I considered metabolic reasons; lizards like to keep warm because it allows them to metabolise quickly. But no, we're homeotherms (warm blooded), and large homeotherms at that. If my understanding is correct then it's actually easier for us to keep warm enough when it's cool than to keep cool enough when it's warm. So that rules that out. Then I considered that maybe warm weather could be good because it means that there's less likely to be a snap towards the extreme cold, but that doesn't really hold either. A lot of the time, conditions that cna give rise to very warm weather can also give rise to very cold weather (continental areas on a seasonal basis, or lack of cloud cover on a daily basis). I had a few other thoughts that I can't remember now, but none of them seemed to fit, for one reason or another. The only reason I could think of that made sense to me was that maybe people like warm weather because other people who like warm weather told them that it was good.

But then I figured that I was going about things the wrong way. How can I possibly hope to understand the underlying causes of something like this when I don't even have any knowledge of the proximate causes? So I have a question for those of you who like warm weather: why do you like it? What's good about it? How does it make you feel? (OK, that's three questions.) Because for me, it makes me lethargic, uncomfortable and grouchy, and I'm quite sure that can't be why it's possible.

And of course, if anyone has any actual knowledge or insight on this subject that isn't based on blind guesswork, then that would be appreciated too.

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reasons summer is good:

the laundry dries when you hang it up, instead of mildewing.

no pesky snow getting in the way of rollerblading. however heat exhaustion does get in the way, so i prefer dry spring/autumn temperatures really. rollerblading in mud isn't fun either.

bills are lower in summer! I don't have air conditioning and I can tolerate being uncomfortable but the gas bill can sometimes get mighty high in winter and that sucks.

in winter i have to wear this huge coat and my backpack doesn't fit right and my purse always slides off my shoulders. when i'm not wearing a huge coat, but a light spring jacket perhaps, or no jacket at all, i don't have this problem.

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