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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I have a theory about polls and comments. See, I always seem to get more comments when I do a poll than otherwise. People feel compelled towards the clickiness of the poll, and then discover that none of the options quite fit, and feel compelled to comment with an accurate representation of their view. Whereas if I just ask for comments, moswt people cannot be bothered. So, a poll to see if my intuition on this is correct.

Poll #569829 The poll poll

When you fill in a poll on LJ and none of the possible answers are quite right, how often do you tend to comment?


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but I don't fill out every poll that I come across.

How about "sometimes"... aah! There I've gone and done it!

What you said... :)

I applaud your clever poll, and thank you for the giggle. :P

Sometimes.... Thus being contradictory.

I will generally comment.

You are very astute, my friend. Always or never... :) Well done.

Never ever! ...Oh, wait. ;)

It makes me so happy to hear you say that.


And you can take that snerk as meaning "sometimes" :p

Your intuition is correct.

Most of the time, unless I don't care.


6.5 times per 10 polls, I'd say.


most of the time, which is closer to always than never. :)

</proving your point>

Rarely, but I couldn't resist. (I normally either pick the closest option or skip the poll.

I refuse to be drawn to commenting by your poll options which are clearly designed to make me comment....oh bugger

;-) (Sorry, I know this is an old entry, I clicked on the trolling tag and arrived here)

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