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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Seems that my curse has moved away from monitors...
delirium pissed off
Dear LJ Oracle,

My computer appears to be SNAFU. It was making odd noises last night, so I turned it off. Today, when I try to turn it on, I receive the following message during POST:

Warning: Your Computer CHIP Fan Fail or speed too low.

(And then something about disabling this message in setup, which I was too lazy to copy down)

What does this mean? Or rather, I know what it means; how serious is it? Is this an "act now before your computer turns into molten metal" sort of thing, or an "are you sure, sir? it would mean chaning the bulb" sort of thing? In the case of the former, what sort of thing do I need to be doing?


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Do you know the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a Really Big Magnet?

Neither does your computer.

Eh? I wouldn't have thought that vacuum cleaners had any magnetic parts at the business end of the tube.

In the motor, perhaps, but that's typically about three feet away, isn't it?

The things that magnets and hoovers have in common is that anything that is important and useful for making the computer work which happens to be a little bit looser than it should be will be pulled even looser and probably make the computer stop working. Yuss magnets do nasty things to drives for different reasons but that's not what we were talking about here.

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