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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
My friends page has been full of people talking abour Firefly recently. Normally, this would be a cause for great joy, but instead I have been averting my gaze, on the off chance that any of the entries contained even the slightest hint of spoiler for the upcoming movie, Serenity. I believe that this is being release in the United States of America this Friday, and then not being released in the UK until a week later. I believe that other countries are going to have to wait even longer for the release. I'm also not sure whether my local tiny little cinema will be showing it, or whether I'll have to make a trip to Morecambe or even Preston to catch it.

As such, I would like to make a public service announcement. Purely out of concern for your well-being, I would suggest that those of you who do not wish to have your sexual organs removed with a paring knife and fed to rabid skunks should probably avoid giving spoilers for this movie. Not that I would wish violence upon anyone, of course, but there are some unstable elements out who might not take too kindly to seeing absolutely any information about this movie on their friends page, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you. That is all.

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ooh, I see what you did there, with the mood setting.

Yes. I am cunning and subtle. Except for when I'm not.

Is Firefly all that good/worth watching? I've got ep 1-3 on loan from Vix, but haven't bothered.

Well, let me put it this way: I'm more excited about this movie than I was about HHGTTG, any of the Star Wars prequels or pretty much anything else ever. I absolutely love it. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'd definitely recommend that you at least give it a chance.

Oh, all right. I'll try it again. Maybe I won't fall asleep this time.

I would like to add that not only would I join in with the paring knife torture, but that I would also bring along a giant bag of salt in order to pour it into the open wounds while the rabid skunks did their work.

You need not worry about spoilers in my LJ. I have no intention of seeing the movie, having never watched more than one episode of the TV show.

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the screenings at the Edinburgh Film festival.

You will _not_ be disappointed. I think they've got the plot and the pace just about right.

I'm just annoyed at the length of time I have to wait to see it again...

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