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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Stuff. Mostly computer related
delirium happy
In a shocking break with tradition, I've actually done enough stuff over the past few days to make it worth my while talking about my life here, rather than my normal staple of teh-omg!emo!angst! and random scientific and philosophical musings. I'm most out of practice at such things, so please bear with me.

Let's see. On Tuesday, I got around to emailing scan about my b0rked CPU fan. Within a few hours, they replied suggesting that since I was local, would I like to bring it in, and they'd replace it while I waited.

Then on Tuesday evening, my dad called in to see me on his way home from Scotland (his work takes him up to Scotland quite a bit, and Lancaster is just off the M6 on his way back, so he calls in on the way back from Scotland fairly frequently). As well as being a social call, he also delivered a new desk/computer chair for me, which was salvaged when his work was otherwise throwing it out for no aparent reason, and replaces my old one whose arm had fallen off; he also picked up my computer for the purpose of taking into Scan the following day.

Then on Wednesday, I repaid the favour by going to visit my parents, with the intention of finally getting around to setting up my old computer for them. My dad picked me up in the evening, but by the time we'd eaten, and finnished chatting about various and sunry stuff, it was getting late, so my role as computer technician was postponed until the following day.

I did, however, get to learn that Scan had, indeed, replaced my CPU fan with absolutely no hassle. Scan ++. They also, apparently, said that they'd had a fair few people complaining of dodgy fans recently, so it was presumably a bad batch, or similar. This pleases me, as it would imply that the fault was nothing to do with anything that I'd done wrong, without realising.

Much of Thusday was taken up with computer related stuff. Since I'd already installed windows beforehand, most of it was pleasnatly simple (though I have to say that I really do hate windows XP default settings). However, I was also tasked with setting up the broadband that they'd ordered, and this is where the real problems started.

The installation procedure was one of those intesnely annoying ones where you have to follow their painstakingly detailed instructions to the letter, otherwise it complains at you, which was bad enough. But the real fun came with the installation of some of their craptastic software from their CD-ROM. It went something like this:

To complete your installation of BT Broadband Basic, please insert the CD-ROM provided

inserts CD-ROM

Error: No disc in drive D:\. Please insert disc and press retry

moves disc from CD-RW drive to DVD-ROM drive, hits retry

Error: No disc in drive E:\. Please insert disc and press retry


The even funner part of it was that even if I pressed "cancel" on the error dialogue box, all that happened was that another identical dialogue box was spawned. The same thing happened when I tried killing it through task manager. I ended up restarting the computer to get rid of it. I was singularly unimpressed. I ended up mangaing to get it working by running their (unhelpfully named) installation program direct from the CD via windows explorer. BT --. Windows --. (Though I'm not entirely sure it's possible for either one of them to have karma lower than they already do.)

This was my parents' first proper computer (they previously had something like a P100, running win98se, which doesn't count due to its inability to run anything made in the past 5 year) so I also spent a good length of time impressing them unduly with very simple computery type things: "This is winzip. This is an mp3 ripper. This is cddb. This is firefox, and this is tabbed browsing. This is google. This is wikipedia. this is google maps. This is playing a DVD..." and so on. Which was fun.

My dad gave me a lift back up here late on Thursday evening, but not before I'd had a rummage around for things left at theirs which I wanted to bring back with me ("aha! that's where my French dictionary went!" "aha! so that's where my Les Miserables soundtrack CD is!") which was a nice thing to be able to do, since I hadn't been back to my parents' for over a year beforehand.

Clearly, my computer also came back with me, and does indeed work once again. I've had a few random problems with it since, most of which seem to have been caused by either the rigors of transportation, windows crapness, or random coincidence. These include, but are not limited to: dual monitor settings, DVD-R drive recognition by the computer, and Norton Internet Security overzealousness. But these are all dealable, and I am happy to have my computer back.

Some other stuff is also happening at the moment, that may be sufficiently noteworthy to write about, but I don't seem to have the energy to do so at the moment. It's also still a thing that's happening, and I prefer to talk about things that have happened. Maybe on Wednesday </cryptic>

My uni term finally starts again on Tuesday. Thankfully. I have mondays off this term, which also warrants a yay.

I did the BBC's Test the Nation - Know Your English test last night, and somehow managed to score 60/70, which apparently puts me in the top percentile of the population. The huh? I did it with a pen and paper in front of the TV, so don't know how good, bad or otherwise the online version is.

And finally, since a couple of people on my friends list have mentioned getting scarily accurate results from the colour quiz, I feel duty bound to point out that my results were almost entirely inaccurate.