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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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9-11am, tuesday morning: career and communication skills. Wonderful.
delirium happy
First day of the new academic year. I am currently (just about) functioning on approximately three hours of patchy, restless sleep. There's nothing quite like starting as you mean to go on.

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That sounds familiar. Except it was a 9-10am seminar about whether excessive drinking is a problem in students. Led by a man who talks to us like we're averaging an IQ of 60, and who seems to be doing away with independant research and moving back to introspection and personal experience. This is not what psychology is about, this is not why I'm here, and from now on I will be in bed for this time, and will pick up any handouts from someone else. I hate seminars. It's a shame the lectures are massively interesting. Psychopharmacology is just too good to make me switch.

I'm horribly grumpy, and going back to bed until 1pm. I am the epitome of a good student.

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