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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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La vie est belle!
delirium happy
Because LiveJournal doesn't get nearly enough entries of this type:

I am currently feeling very happy, with myself, and with the world at large. I have such a lot of wonderful and brilliant people in my life. I am happy with the path my life is taking me at the moment, and enthusiastic to see what's around the next bend. There is so much that is awesome in the world that I really find it hard to see exactly why I ever get it into my thick skull to be miserable. Tomorrow has so much potential. Tomorrow, I start changing the world for the better. But now? Now, I go to bed. I love you all.

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I'm glad you're happy :)

Ee! Yay happy rho! (It seems LJ is mostly tired right now, but that's just a timezone thing.) Definitely the site as a whole needs more happiness. Plus, happy Delirium is cute.


and thank you for posting!

Yay! happyness good.

Randomly found you. Glad you're happy!!

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