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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Buggering off again.
delirium leaving
I'm currently feeling very disillusioned and dissatisfied with LiveJournal, for a wide variety of reasons. As such, I'm taking a break from LiveJournal, during which time I'm not planning on writing anything, nor on reading anything that I'm not directly pointed at. This state of affairs will persist until such a time when I feel like I want to be back on LiveJournal again, whenever that may be. Last time, it took about a month. If you want to stay in touch, then you can get my contact info if you're on my friends list, or if I know you and you aren't on my friends list comment here with your email address (comments are screened), and I'll email you whatever of my contact info I'm comfortable with you having.

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You don't know me. Perhaps you don't want to... but it's rather disappointing for me to discover your LJ 2 1/2 weeks *AFTER* you decided to quit. If you see this (and care to bother), go to my info page and compare our interest lists; you'll see why I'd like you on my friends list. Oh, well... have a nice life, I guess.

Actually, as it happens, I'm just on the verge of ending my hiatus as soon as I think of anything to write about, so maybe your timing isn't that bad after all...

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