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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Nothing to see here. Move along.
delirium happy
It occurs to me that I probably ought to publicly mention that I'm back from hiatus. And have been for the best part of a week. I just haven't really had anything I wanted to say in that time. I'd said I was back in a friends only entry (nothing interesting, don't worry), and figured that would suffice, as I'd only be likely to be commenting at people who could see that. But then it happens that other people happen to be able to see the comments that I make. Hence this entry. Hi.

I was going to put some sort of pointless poll, quiz, survey, meme, lyrics, etc. here, so this entry wasn't entirely without point. But I can't think of anything, so let's not and just pretend we did, OK? Feel free to respond with comments about how much you love that song, or how you got the same results on the quiz, or respond to bits of the poll, or the meme, if you want to. Just because they don't actually exist doesn't mean we should go discriminating against them.

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That's my favorite song ever! And I got the exact same quiz results, except for that second part which was exactly the opposite from yours. And I think question three in the poll should have used ticky boxes instead of radio buttons, because I wanted to choose four of the five options. And that is actually a fascinating meme, which I'd do if I had even an ounce of motivation.

OMG, liek u 2? wow, that is sO kEwL. TyPping liek this mAkEs mE wAnT 2 sP0rK my I's out tho so I...

... I'm going to write like a normal human being, something witty about Schroedinger's meme, and wish I could say more but my brain is fuzzy from the teenytype, and... yeah.

Schro, this is Schroedinger's meme.

For you shall be Schro, and you shall be mine, and you shall be my Schro. :)

Just because they don't actually exist doesn't mean we should go discriminating against them.

I have no idea why, but that made me giggle. Thanks.

actually, I hate that song. I'd like to shoot the person who wrote it.

Flanders and Swann.

OK, they're not the answer to everything. An answer for most things perhaps.

In this case probably The Hippopotumus Song. Or "I'm a Gnu".

Heh. That was a stupid meme. Oh well. It had pretty pictures at least.

In other news, holiday cards will be heading out this afternoon... Look for yours soon, addressed to "Rho" because I can't remember how to spell your real name and it's on my email at home. :D

nobody ever reads this bit anyway

TBH, I'm a bit disappointed that nobody ever seems to read "this bit".

I've changed my displayed name on occasion and was always disappointed when nobody asked me about the reasoning behind it or even commented on it at all.

Every once in a while I come up with something clever I like, but if people ignore it then I don't see much point and might as well continue being "Philip Newton".

Glad you're back...

provisionally, anyway. And that looked like such an interesting quiz that I *ALMOST* took it... but then I decided not to bother. If you like comments on non-existent things, check out orangemike's latest journal entry.

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