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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I hear this "Christmas" thing is all the rage nowadays
delirium happy
It's time for the annual reminder of my stance on Christmas.

I do not celebrate Christmas. Nor do I celebrate Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Saturnalia, Yalda, Korochun, Winterval or any other such seasonal observances. I do not belong to any of the religions or groups which celebrate these things, and I find the secular versions to be undesirable for several different reasons.

Please under no circumstances attempt to get me to feel "Christmas Cheer" or any similar concept. There is very little that I find more depressing, stressful and generally unpleasant than enforced cheer. Out of respect for others who do wish to engage in such things, I generaly try to keep myself to myself in such situations so as not to spoil the mood for them. Please also respect me by allowing me to keep to myself. If you wish to socialise with me over the Christmas period, please accept that I may well be miserable, and will certainly be unenthused by anything holiday related. And anyone who does in any way indicate that I shouldn't be glum due to the season will almost certainly be met with extreme sarcasm.

You should also all be aware that I do not send cards, do not give gifts, and do not offer seasonally appropriate greetings. As such, failure to receive any of these from me in no way implies any sort of slight against you. Nobody else is getting them from me either. I also strongly encourage people not to give any of these things to me. I neither desire nor exect them, and they're generally speaking probably a waste of your time and money. However, once again, I respect people's differences, and understand that some of my friends derive pleasure from giving such things. As such, I endeavour to accept any such things I receive in the spirit with which they are given. Please try to respect my differences as well.

Thank you. That is all.

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As you know, I'm no fan of Christmas / generic 'seasonal' obnoxiousness either. I may be celebrating agnostica in the relative safety of people geeky enough to think that it's actually a rather cool idea, but that's (to me) a somewhat different kettle of worms.

As ever, people will fail to appreciate, and get offended by lack of frivolous spending and sarcastic retorts. I consider this an occupational hazard that the majority of the population just can't grok, not unlike hayfever.

Sadly ESA don't have anything spectacular to spend the 25th waiting for this year, so I suspect it will be spent in bed with the phone switched off.

On the bright side, Christmas has made me appreciate mythtv on a whole new level. I haven't seen a single turkey or had my ears bombarded by jingly bells yet. Well, except at supermarkets, but so far Waitrose has remained blissfully christmas-music-free, even if this sanity comes at a hefty premium.

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