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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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A very important question
delirium happy
Poll #645463 Toilet paper

In an ideal world, toilet paper should be hung..

...so the paper hangs down on the side near the wall
...so the paper hangs down on the side away from the wall
...however. Who cares?
It shouldn't. It should be stood up on the back of the toilet, or similar
None of the above. I'll comment with the One True Way

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I would also like to add, if it's going to hang, it should be to the side of the toilet (be it on a wall or free-standing rack), and not on the wall behind the toilet, where you have to be a contortionist to reach the sodding paper.

Oh yes, so true, this. >_< In front of the toilet would also work, though.

In fact, the "side away from the wall" bit is called "up and over" and the "side near the wall" is called "down and under". I hope your life is vastly enriched for knowing this now.

Unless you have cats who find this arrangement makes it easy for them to unroll and shred the whole roll.

I'm an up-and-over girl in a down-and-under family, and obsessive-compulsive enough to change the roll when it's not going my way.

Ha, yeah, I change it, too. It really annoys me if I don't, and I'll mutter curses at whoever it was that changed it as I'm doing it.

I don't put it on the...thing, the name of which is right on my tongue and yet I can't think of it right now. I leave it sitting on the side of the sink counter.

Oh, wait, this was the toilet icon I wanted to use. It's so sad that I'm able to make that sort of choice...

Hanging on the wall side, as this is slightly less likely to self-unwind (when provoked by wind/cats/gravity fluctuations) in many designs of holder.

Our loo roll lives stood up on the end of the bathroom radiator though, as our landlord was too stingy to splash out on such frivolous items as a towel rail or loo roll holder.

There should also be a second roll stood up on the cistern or otherwise within arm's reach, but slightly less easy to get to than the in-use roll[1]. As long as this is replaced when needed, you should never find yourself needing to improvise/hobble across to the cupboard/yell for help/phone a friend.

[1] If the primary and secondary rolls are equally accessible, then the majority of humans, being stupid, will tend to take from the larger one. This is clearly wrong, as it will inevitably lead to both rolls running out at about the same time, defeating the purpose of the second roll.

There should also be a second roll stood up on the cistern or otherwise within arm's reach, but slightly less easy to get to than the in-use roll[1].


Though ours is often on the cistern (i.e. behind your back), it's also sometimes on a little shelf near the "proper" roll - but that's not such a problem since it's covered by a little plush toilet roll covering (think tea cosy for the general shape) with a plush-toy duck's head on top, so it's not immediately obvious as a target for procuring toilet paper from.

the reason for this, is that my toilet paper holder is currently such that if you put it the other way, it gets stuck every time it goes around and you can't get more than enough toilet paper.

When I was a psych major I read about a study that said the up-and-over method was primarily used by folks who grew up in middle-class-and-up families, and the down-and-under method by those who grew up in lower-middle-class and lower-class families.

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