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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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A very important question
delirium happy
Poll #645463 Toilet paper

In an ideal world, toilet paper should be hung..

...so the paper hangs down on the side near the wall
...so the paper hangs down on the side away from the wall
...however. Who cares?
It shouldn't. It should be stood up on the back of the toilet, or similar
None of the above. I'll comment with the One True Way

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There should also be a second roll stood up on the cistern or otherwise within arm's reach, but slightly less easy to get to than the in-use roll[1].


Though ours is often on the cistern (i.e. behind your back), it's also sometimes on a little shelf near the "proper" roll - but that's not such a problem since it's covered by a little plush toilet roll covering (think tea cosy for the general shape) with a plush-toy duck's head on top, so it's not immediately obvious as a target for procuring toilet paper from.

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