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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I'm always willing to be proven wrong
delirium pissed off
We've all seen the ill-conceived, unconstitutional and just plain stupid American law which attempts to make it illegal to annoy people on the Internet, right?

I remember just recently, as I was meandering around LiveJournal, I found that I was quoted on bertho's userinfo page:
"There is no such thing as the inalienable right to not get involved in a flamewar" - rho, July 18, 2004
I don't actually remember saying this, but it amuses me greatly that this is, apparently, no longer true.

Edit: For commentarty on the law itself, go read the links from this comment by <lj user="wingedkami".

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Actually, it's only illegal to annoy people anonymously. If you provide your name, you can annoy people all you want.

Things are not quite as they seem in that article.

Here's one discussion of it. Here's another.

It's not as stupid as people are making it look.

Interesting. Thank you.

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