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Gift cards
delirium pissed off
Today was the first day of the year that I've ventured into town. Typically, this marks the time when I go to spend all the gift vouchers bought for me by people who don't know me well enough to know what would make a good gift for me, but feel compelled to give me something anyway.

Today, however, the gift vouchers were lamentably thin on the ground. Instead, they seem to have been replaced by gift cards, and what a truly wretched idea they are. For those of you who have not encountered these items, they function just like gift vouchers, except that instead of being a little piece of paper with the value printed on them, they're a little bit of plastic with the value stored on a little magnetic strip.

As far as I can see, this carries all of the disadvantages of the plastic economy (not having a clear idea of how much you're spending; not being able to see how much money you actually have at a glance) without conferring any of the benefits (you still have an extra bit of crud to carry around, if you lose it it's still gone).

I suppose that from the companies' perspectives they might have the benefit of decreasing the possibility of forgery, but if that was a problem, then I'm convinced that there must have been better ways to deal with it. I am most unimpressed. Does anyone actually like these little plastic monstrosities?

(For anyone curious, my gift cards and vouchers were converted to Indiana Jones and Finding Nemo on DVD, two popular mathematics books, and a copy of Northern Lights to replace my existing copy which I once lent out only to find it falling apart when I received it back.)

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Doubleplusgood on the DVD choices. I have and love both. :)

I kind of like getting gift cards, because I do like to have choice. Also, sometimes people will give you a gift card to a grocery store, and that's nice for when you're running low on $ but still want or need to get some stuff. iTunes gift cards would be welcomed; gift cards to bookstores are divine. Especially since I don't have a bank account, I find gift cards easier to deal with than gift checks which people give me, and then I have to ask my mother to cash them for me and she wants to know what my plan is, and etc. So gift cards give me a bit more freedom, actually.

As for the cards being vestiges of the plastic economy, well, I can't argue that. They are. But last year when my friends and I had Shaw's gift cards, we wrote the initial amount on the card with a Sharpie, and after that either asked the cashier to do it or did it ourselves at home, to keep up with the balance on the card.

I know, I know, not the same feel, but... yeah. Does the job. Although sometimes I miss the gift cards with notes on them; well, you can still do that with these. Kind of. Sort of. After a fashion.

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