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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Dear LJ brain trust
delirium happy
Can anyone recommend anywhere for online purchase of clothes? Must either be based in the UK (for preference) or deliver to the UK without a million and one hidden charges (probably only if I can't find any UK ones, or if they are really incredibly awesome). Other than that, no restrictions other than those imposed by sanity (which means that anyone linking to a site selling $4000 bridesmaid dresses for three year olds will be glared at).

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I haven't tried them myself and I don't know how they are on UK shipping. It's also a bit more than I usually spend on clothing (but then, I usually get hand-me-downs or gifts and almost never buy clothing, when I do, I buy cheap stuff as I have no money).

But this was recommended to me as very durable, decent clothing http://www.devalifewear.com

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