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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Followup to yesterday
delirium leaving
In case anyone is wondering, I did manage to get up in time today, and therefore did manage to make my counselling session. In the end, I decided to send an email off to the good people at the university counselling department, explaining that I couldn't sleep and that my alarm clock was dead, and asking them very nicely if they could possibly phone me to wake me up. Which they did.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice, even if I didn't end up taking any of it.

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That's a point, mobile phones usually have alarm clocks (vibrating ones, at that). Although I suspect you may be still using some horribly ancient thing on principle[1].

[1] A principle I thouroughly approve of, in spite of my repeated failure to live up to it. Still, I am the proud owner of a contract SIM that O2 are steadfastly refusing to enable voice calls on, so that has to count for something...

(Deleted comment)
I'm fairly sure BT do such a thing *googles* yup, "*55*HHmm#" apparantly.

Never had need to use it myself, as I'm not short of gadgets which could be pressed into alarm clock duty if needed, and I'm sure they charge sillymoney for using it.

Still, to their credit, BT currently have Tom Baker doing the text-to-speech for SMS messages sent to landline numbers. So all you need is a friend with a reliable alarm clock to text you with "Wake up! Wake up! The daleks are coming!", and you're sorted.

Alas, my truly ancient mobile made its way to silicon hell long before my alarm clock did, so I had to get a new one. So my current phone is merely old, rather than ancient. I have stubbornly refused to learn how to do anything with it besides making and receiving calls though, so I haven't a clue whether it has alarm functionality.

*blinks* That was helpful of them. I'm officially impressed. Question is, was the counselling any help, or did it all go downhill after the useful wakeup phonecall?

The counselling service here are actually really good. I've been seeing someone there, on and off, since probably around spring last year. Today's appointment was mainly to get a letter from them to submit as evidence in my request for intercalation, to prove that I'm not a malingerer. And she joined in with me in snarking at how I need to fill in forms and see umpteen different people to make the request, which I'm clearly making because my life is screwed up at the moment, and such like.

I like my counsellor, and I like both the receptionists there. They all seem to actually give a shit, and be on my side. Which is a very welcome change. So yes, do be impressed.

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