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Introduce yourselves
delirium happy
There are, according to my userinfo page, 101 people who have me on their friends list but who are not on my friends list. Some of you I know well, some of you I know tangentially, some of you I haven't a clue who you are. Some of you I probably ought to know, but have either forgotten who you are or was being dense or unobservant when you added me and never realised.

So, my invitation to you people is to introduce yourself in comments on this entry. Say hi. Tell me about yourself. Remind me who you are. Or whatever. Comment with just about anything you want, really.

(And so they don't feel left out, those who are on my friends list can play too, because I'm feeling generous.)

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(Deleted comment)
Hi! I'm Constance; I'm an abuse-support person. You did a couple of my reviews, I think. I added you because pthalogreen talked about some of your entries and I looked and found them interesting. I'm Russian. I'm studying accounting at Indiana University Southeast.

Hey. I'm Christy and I just added you because i saw this post on a friends friends list and it made me smile. :o)
Hope that's okay.

(Deleted comment)

Hello, I'm... (excuse me while I check)...

OK, about 2/3 of this is on my User Info page, but I suppose with over 100 people in question, you might have neither enough patience to go look, nor enough memory to keep track of the results.

My name offline and for some online stuff is Martin; that's not my legal name, but my legal name is relevant only for a limited number of purposes, and I avoid using it unecessarily. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, & have for over 15 years. My current age is a prime number; if you care enough to ask which one, ask.

I dropped out of college w/out completing a degree, so I have no official credentials in anything, but I am immensely interested in several areas of physics (and its borders with chemistry, i.e. physical chemistry and materials science), also SOME of the math needed for the above areas, AND other types of math for their own sake. (I believe I found your LJ looking for other people interested in number theory.)

I am male, mostly heterosexual, and pretty much "vanilla" for BDSM purposes -- but that's about the limit of what's normal about me (OK, I suppose some of my political opinions are unremarkable, ditto food preferences). I am Pagan (of which more below), polyamorous, a science-fiction & fantasy fan, and a voracious reader (unlike some, I've met plenty of books I didn't like, but they remain a small minority of all the books I've met.) When asked to be more specific about my Paganism, I sometimes reply that I am a Dianic Discordian Kabbalist, and sometimes say that I waffle between being a Thelemite and just being a "Thelemite sympathizer". Both of these are true.

This is probably rather more than you wanted to know already, but if not, contact me -- I am shy about initiating contact, but will almost always answer honest questions (and might answer shifty, disreputable ones, if they look interesting). Lastly, I apologize for all this being so boringly straightforward; I'm defying the scattered tendecies of Moon in Gemini. ;-}

Hi! I'm Ruthi. We went to the zoo once.

We did. It was a good day. And is still one of my fondest memories.

I don't think you know me. I mean, you were my G/UNK mentor and then we were admins together and then we worked on scary icky FAQ projects together and I think at one point you had an inexplicable crush on me, but none of these things are at all significant or memorable.

So, um, hi. I'm Dana. 25 years old, careening wildly toward 26. Mostly lifelong Indiana resident. Theatre person. Kind of geeky, but not as much so as her friends. College dropout who's about to return like she swore she'd never do. Has writing talent but doesn't use it. Love/hate relationship with books. Owns Is owned by a cat. Takes photographs. Wishes she had a better singing voice. Obsesses about to-do lists. Translates LiveJournal to Spanish. Has a crush on a fictional librarian. Writes introductions in random, non-sensical orders.

It is almost certainly bad and wrong that the first fictional librarian I thought of here was the one from Discworld.

You and I don't know each other at all. ;P

Hi, I'm Nikki, and I'm a Rho-a-holic :)
I think you know me, so I doubt there's more I could say.

Dunno if you remember me or not, but we were both players of Ackanomic once upon a time.

JT is me. :) I dont remember all the names I took within the game, but I'm pretty sure, JT was one, and possibly Dragon Mage, and maybe Kendaer or Raucus as well at some point.

Oh, you're JT

(Hmm, if I'd actually looked at your profile page I'd've figured that out…)

I am senji, known mainly in Acka as "Wild Card"…

(and I appear to have come down with a bad case of hellipsis syndrome… :-)

we've talked a few times on i think it was yahoo. one of those IM thingies :)

i'm a canadian geek-type person. i make phone systems and websites and such.

Hi, I'm Aaron. I have no idea how I came to add you as a friend, but you've been on my list for a couple of years now I think, which is strange as I have very few people on my Flist I don't actually know in RL. Your blog must have been interesting or something.

I'm an exiled Scotsman living in Shropshire, and that's about the most exciting thing I can think to say at the moment.

Hi! I'm Liz. Once upon a different lifetime I was your girlfriend. Now, I hope, I'm still a good friend, albet one who sees and talks to you infrequently. We should do something about that :)

*Hugs and kisses*

I'm Philip. 31, married, one daughter. Ex-support volunteer. Computer programmer (professionally) and language geek (in my spare time). I live in Hamburg, Germany.

I think I knew you before I did support, though I'm not certain how I got to know you. I do remember, vaguely, that I was aware of "quoth_rachel" as I had seen that account in some places, though by the time I friended you I believe you were already "rho". I contributed to rhoisnuts back in the day.

I think you answered the first support request I opened with this account (which has been my main account for several years, though it's the second one I created).


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