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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Introduce yourselves
delirium happy
There are, according to my userinfo page, 101 people who have me on their friends list but who are not on my friends list. Some of you I know well, some of you I know tangentially, some of you I haven't a clue who you are. Some of you I probably ought to know, but have either forgotten who you are or was being dense or unobservant when you added me and never realised.

So, my invitation to you people is to introduce yourself in comments on this entry. Say hi. Tell me about yourself. Remind me who you are. Or whatever. Comment with just about anything you want, really.

(And so they don't feel left out, those who are on my friends list can play too, because I'm feeling generous.)

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Dunno if you remember me or not, but we were both players of Ackanomic once upon a time.

JT is me. :) I dont remember all the names I took within the game, but I'm pretty sure, JT was one, and possibly Dragon Mage, and maybe Kendaer or Raucus as well at some point.

Oh, you're JT

(Hmm, if I'd actually looked at your profile page I'd've figured that out…)

I am senji, known mainly in Acka as "Wild Card"…

(and I appear to have come down with a bad case of hellipsis syndrome… :-)

Nice to see you again! :)

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