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What is this "grammar" thing of which you earthlings speak?
delirium pissed off
I'm generally not much of a grammar pedant. I'm not the sort to stubbornly insist that infinitives can't be split, or to say that a preposition is a bad part of speech to end a sentence with. I can even manage to grit my teeth and put up with "should of done" or "he spoke to Bob and I" and other such things, even though I don't like them.

However, just now, I've come across something that I've never seen before, and it practically leapt off the screen and smacked me in the face.


Kind've? Where on earth are people learning these things? How do they possibly think that they make any sense whatsoever? Perhaps I should have been forewarned when I encountered the phrase "very unique" earlier in the same document (a characters guide for Fire Emblem: path of Radiance for the Gamecube, for those who care), but I wasn't expecting that.

And what's worse, I googled for it, only to be met with: Results 1 - 10 of about 42,300 for "kind've". Maybe everyone else has already encountered this abomination and I've been lucky until now, I don't know. (For comparison, "should of" nets over 1.8 million google results.)

Sometimes, I weep for humanity. If anyone needs me, I'll be off listening to recordings of George W. Bush, and reading drama in comments on news.

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I haven't seen "kind've" before, but it doesn't bother me. It's spoken English, or at least it exists in my idiolect.

I'd rather live with transcribed spoken English than with bad written English, such as "it's" when "its" is intended.

But it's "kind of" and "should have" not "kind have" and "should of" even though "kind of" and "should've" sound the same.

(Deleted comment)
I guess I could grudgingly accept that case...

I should of kind've paid more attention in grammer school.

Kind've? Wow, it doesn't even save space or typing.

'Should have' + 'kind of' both sound like they end in 'v' - shouldv and kindv - which leads to much confusion for some grammatically challenged folks. Unless one hears non-casual speech or sees these things in print enough for the connection to stick (which I would hope everyone does, but doesn't seem to be the case), it's tricky because there's actually no way of knowing from the sound of quick speech alone whether it's an 'of' or a 'have' at the end. So kind've is basically making the same mistake as should of, but in the opposite direction.

Ew. I think I'd have to beat someone with a clue stick over that one. Even the example given above still doesn't seem right, but technically it's not wrong... *shudder*

I'm willing to be that you didn't see it used that way, though.

This is like my complaint about "ya'll" in a way. The "a" isn't from "you" ("yau"?), it's from "all." It's "y'all." Just because freaking Kevin Federline</i< writes it that way, that doesn't mean you do, too. Stop making contractions that don't even make sense.

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