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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Political links
delirium pissed off
Two different links that made their way onto my friends page today:

One on how legislation drafted in the name of guarding against terrorism, which was allegedly to be used only in exceptional circumstances, is now being used in a fraud case.

Another about a bill before parliament which will allow ministers to pass laws without going through parliament, though obviously it won't ever get misused.


(Disclaimer: I haven't looked into either of these stories in depth.)

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(Deleted comment)
Not the entire house. Just the ones that voted for it.

Oh, and the ones that haven't kicked up an almighty fuss about it.

Leg/Reg was the tipping point for me, the rest scared me, this is just...

As for the first, no real research needed, it's just wrong. Utterly, utterly wrong.

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