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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Flood warning!
delirium happy
I got a letter through the post today (or at some point since last time I checked my post) from the Environment Agency. They wanted to let me know that my property is at risk of flooding. Well, gosh. It's a good job that they warned me, because I'd never have thought that a flood could ever reach up here to my fourth-floor (fifth-floor by US numbering) flat.

(Of course, given that I live maybe 30 yards from a fairly large river and that they probably just work off postcodes for these things, it's hardly surprising that I was included in their mailing. Amusing, yes; surprising, no.)

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we live on the fifth floor. theres a river near by. it never flooded us tho.

Perhaps they're waning you so you can make space for all the people on the floos below who are going to need somewhere to cash when they get flooded out. :o)

(Deleted comment)
Fair point. And they did, indeed, say "from".

Totally unrelated, but I love your icon. Where did that come from?

What emmavescence said. From this entry in fact. And my moodtheme also came from the same community.

And before that, they came from the Sandman series of comics by Neil Gaiman, which I don't know whether you're familiar with or not, but are well worth reading if you aren't.

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