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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Entirely non-gratuitous icon post
I've just uploaded two new LJ user icon picture thingies. I now have icons for both sciencey and religiousy entries. Look:

I then realised that the two images actually show exactly the same thing. Simple harmonic motion is an eternal balance, with both "up" and "down" (in this case) carrying the seeds of the other, with d2x/dt2 always being of opposite sig to x; one transforming to the other and neither one dominating. Neat.

No wonder I find myself so attracted to sinusoids and the likes.

(And so science contains the seed of religion, and religion the seed of science...)

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Those are really nice icons. Could I use them please?


By all means. They're both gakked from images on wikipedia, and modified to fit LJ's icon requirements. The taijitu is public domain, and the SHM icon is GFDL licensed. Other than that, do with 'em as you will.

Sinusoids? Does that have something to do with snotlings?

Given that I've just woken up after not-enough sleep due to what seems to be a less-than-pleasant chest inection, quite possibly yes.

(or it may be things shaped like a sine wave, who knows?)

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