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delirium happy
The answers to the lyrics quiz that I did a week and a half ago. I was going to write some commentary to go along with this, such as who identified which songs, but in the end I was just procrastinating doing that, so you can have the raw answers.

  1. REM -- Drive
  2. Les Miserables -- The Attack
  3. Carole King -- You've Got A Friend
  4. They Might Be Giants -- She's Actual Size
  5. Arrogant Worms -- Kill The Dog Next Door
  6. Pandora's Box -- Twentieth Century Fox (cover of The Doors original)
  7. Dodgy -- Good Enough
  8. Sixpence None The Richer -- There She Goes (cover of The Las original)
  9. Pet Shop Boys -- West End Girls
  10. Tom Lehrer -- The Elements
  11. Roxette -- Crash! Boom! Bang!
  12. Ruslana -- Play Musician
  13. Queen -- Innuendo
  14. Blur -- Bank Holiday
  15. The Divine Comedy -- Too Young To Die
  16. Aqua -- Calling You
  17. Belle & Sebastien -- Fox In The Snow
  18. Elton John -- Sad Songs
  19. Green Day -- Whatsername
  20. Tori Amos -- Cornflake Girl

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I've heard exactly three of those songs (#8, #18, and #20).

Wow, I feel kind of silly for not recognizing more, now that I realize I knew more of the songs than I thought! Oops, but I never commented on the original post, did I? :-X

I know one (16), but heard more. Didn't recognize any in the original post.

I guessed two correctly then (10 and 19).

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