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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The Oscars
There are a few entries on my friends page today on the subject of the Oscars. It seems that people are either griping because Brokeback Mountain didn't win, or saying how it was obvious that Brokeback Mountain wasn't going to win. For me though, I'm just utterly failing to understand why anyone would care. All that I see is one great big Hollywood ego-trip.

And then I realised that this was a perfect opportunity for me to quote Feynman, which I intend to make the most of. This is an excerpt from a 1961 letter he wrote, attempting to resign from the United States National Academy of Sciences:
My desire to resign is merely a personal one; it is not meant as a protest of any kind, or a criticism of the Academy or its activities. Perhaps it is just that I enjoy being peculiar. My peculiarity is this: I find it psychologically very distasteful to judge people's "merit." So I cannot participate in the main activity of selecting people for membership. To be a member of a group, of which an important activity is to choose others deemed worthy of membership in that self-esteemed group, bothers me. The care with which we select "those worthy of the honor" of joining the Academy feels to me like a form of self-praise. How can we say only the best must be allowed to join those who are already in, without loudly proclaiming to our inner selves that we who are in must be very good indeed. Of course I believe I am very good indeed, but that is a private matter and I cannot publicly admit that I do so, to such an extent that I have the nerve to decide that this man, or that, is not worthy of joining my elite club.
It's a whole lot like the_exalted, non_uglies or any of those other god-awful rating communities, really. And that's why I tend to think that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is more or less entirely worthless, and why I don't give a flying fig about the opinions of what was and was not a good movie.

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As I saw the first line of this I was thinking . o O (Oscars? Eh? Oh, THAAT. Who cares anyway?)....

Hypnotic icon....

Hypnotic icon....

Yeah, I'm about thiiiis close from rho being able to control my mind...

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