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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Internet connection update
delirium happy
In case anyone is wondering, my Internet connection appears to have returned to normal. In total, I had 5 phone calls to tech support, more disconnects than I could count, and a whole lot of frustration. After which, the whole thing fixed itself for no discernible reason. I therefore conclude that a badger pissed on the phone line somewhere, but this has since dried up.

And I still hate BT.

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I had that happen with Gmail, I think. I changed my password, and then Thunderbird just refused to get my mail any more. It told me my password was wrong, so I'd click okay, and then it would tell me another 6 times or so, before eventually giving me an incomprehensible error. I found the place to prompt for a password instead of using the saved one, but that didn't work either. The newsgroup told me it would fix within a period of time, but it didn't. I eventually opened a support ticket. Heard nothing from them, but it magically worked soon after. Suspicious.

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