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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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And now for something completely different
delirium happy
I occasionally see the characters "XD" randomly used on the Internet. Some people have tried to tell me that it's some kind of emoticon, but that obviously can't be true because it bears absolutely zero resemblance to a face. I'm therefore assuming that it must be some sort of acronym that I'm not familiar with. Xenophobic Dingos, perhaps. Or Xeroxed Dildos? Xylophonous Dirges? alsatia suggested X-rayed Dung ad X-rated Dalliances. There must be more possibilities out there?

What do you think XD stands for?

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I always thought XD was an emoticon for laughter. Rotate it 90 degrees and it's a face. The eyes are screwed shut and the mouth is open with laughter. I'm not convinced it looks like that in any font, but that's what folks I know use it for.

... but then you have things like XP, which immediately make me think of the operating system. If I ever see it in a sentence, I'm always going to leap to that conclusion first, be confused, and have to re-read. I'm sure that most people with a knowledge of the OS are going to do the same, so it seems a bit of a useless smiley really.

I too would assume XP referred to the operating system. However, I suspect that the emoticon pre-dates Microsoft's software.

Apparently it stands for "eXtreme Digital". But that's clearly even sillier than it being used as an emoticon, because it entirely fails to mention what's so extreme about said digital picture card. Is it extremely pointy, perhaps? Or did they actually mean "Extremely digital", because it has a really, really decisive way of distinguishing ones and zeroes?

I've decided to add you as a friend for 2 reasons:

1. You're always nice to me on GW

2. Because the suportlounge thing told me to add friends! I'm easily swayed.

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