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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Dear LJ Brain Trust
delirium happy
Dear LJ Brain Trust,

What is the best way to wash a sleeping bag? Can it be put in a washing machine without damaging either it or the machine? If so, what temperature, etc. should be used? Would it then need to be drip dried rather than tumble dried? If I can't put it in a washing machine, what should I do? Leave it soaking in a full bath, perhaps? Any advice very much appreciated.


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I have both washed and tumble dried mine regularly but it really does depend on the sleeping bag. Somewhere inside it there should be a care label telling you how to look after it - if not, then the manufacturer's website may help.

My ex-hubby had a super-duper 4 seasons one that had to be dry cleaned and re water proofed so don't take it for granted.

I checked for care labels before asking, and there doesn't appear to be one. There is a bit of white fabric which may once have been care label, but if it was, any text on it has now faded into invisibility. Checking the website is a good idea, and something I shall now try.

I had the funny feeling that would be the case.

If you can't machine wash because the machine won't take it, then you'll probably need to bath wash in the same way as I do the old duvet I use to wrap round me in the office. Warm water in the bath and soap powder and then stand in and tread on it (like treading grapes). The bit that takes the time is rinsing the soap out but the shower and feet work wonders for that.

The alternative is to take it to a laundrette where the machines are bigger. I hate doing that.

...which would of course rely on me being able to find one. Which would rather require me actually knowing who the manufacturer is. The only clue from the bag itself is that it says "pegasus" on it. Googling for pegasus sleeping bags yields nothing of any use. And the only thing I know about it beyond that was that it was bought in Iceland just shy of 8 years ago, and cost somewhere in the region of £20. Which isn't terribly helpful, oddly enough. :)

Does it feel nylon-ny or cotton-y? (/terribly technical description...) Pegasus rings bells though.

*goes off to dig*

Meh. Can't find the person I wanted to ask.
The consensus of opinion here that if it's a £20 one it won't be needing reproofed or dry cleaned so machine washable is probably reasonably safe. The suggestion is (between me and the Geoff who's calling on army experience) would be to wash it as wool. Treat it as a delicate and let it drip dry.

The other option (and Geoff mentioned this when I said I'd asked what the fabric felt like) would be to take it to a cleaners and ask their advice. If I could see it and touch it to work out what it was made of and stuffed with I'd have a far better clue of how to wash it; they'd be the same.

It's nylony. Or at least, the outside of it is. The inside is cottony, but I assume that that's normal, because sleeping with the nylony bit against you would probably be uncomfortable. phoenixdreaming, who has seen the sleeping bag when she was over here, says that she's fairly sure it's a syntheticy type one. It's also fairly bulky, to the point where I'm not sure if I'll even be able to fit it in the machine, even if it is safe to do so.

OK. On that I'd say the options were laundrette for a service wash or bath. Synthetic = machine and hand washable so I believe it'll be fine. I do have a spare sleeping bag here that you can have if I'm wrong.

In other news I went back into Elona with henchies at silly AM, got the bonus and then died horribly as I picked the second crystal up. The enemies spawn like mad when you touch the second crystal and they swarm to that corner where we were pinned down by those nasties behind the splinter mine. I don't believe they ever used to get there that quickly.

I presume that your connection is now working reliably enough (touch-wood) for you to play? :-)

*eyes the bit-of-wet-string sideways*

Shhh! Don't tell it I'm playing!

Yes and no is the answer to that; I play and my friends put up with the fact that I get bumped off whenever Sodds law suggests it would be the perfect time. BT have been cursed roundly, threatened with hexes, treated to a smiting monk or three and I got creative "even unto to the seventh generation" last week in game. I bet their ears were burning. It is better than it was. *touches wood*.

I think that the bath sounds less hassle than finding & using a laundrette, so I'll go with that. Now I just need to find myself some appropriate soap powder to use (I use detergent tablets in the machine, which I'm sure wouldn't work well in this case, and I avoid buying anything that requires handwashing, so I don't have any). Any suggestions on what sort I should be looking for? (I'm heading out to the supermarket shortly, as luck would have it).

And as for Elona, I did it just recently with my warior, and had no problem with it at all. Weird. Though possibly that was because I was in a fairly large group (I can't remember whether I was or not, but I'm fairly sure I did have something in the way of other people along).

I'd just dissolve a tablet in the warm water before putting the sleeping bag in myself. Any standard soap powder or liquid will do.

I think the main problem could be that we don't have a real warrior. We can shut down the casters and finish them fast but the monk + warrior combo is taking us too long. We may have to find ourselves a couple more real people. I have an Illyana's staff (2k in warcamp yesterday - bargain!) so I have my energy boost and a health boost without a regen penalty now, so we may be OK taking someone other than Claude - like Reyna - for more damage in tight corners. It's driving me batty that we can't get through.

Aha. Good thought. I wish I was smart like what you is.

I'm heading off to the supermarket in approximately three minutes time, but if you want another shot at Elona at any point between whe I get back ad when I go to sleep, prod at me.

It's not so much smart as practical brought about by years of making do and mending with a family ;)

*prod* I want to get through it. I'll catch you on there later between Lions, Harry Potter and chores.

Wear gloves, or use a wooden spoon or something to stir it up, you may discover a low-level allergy to washing poweder that you didn't know you had, which can be a thoroughly unpleasant realisation when you get itchy palms of doom 10 minutes later.

I discovered this after handwashing some wiffy hiking socks that had been in a river, and spent the next 24 hours cursing and wondering how far I was from the nearest source of hydrocortisone cream.

*blinks* You're playing GW? What's your name on there? (I'm Calia Nettleglade, currently stuck at Thunderhead.)

I think I washed my own sleeping bag in a laundrette machine once, and I think I used liquid rather than powder but I can't remember what type. I'd suggest air trying rather than tumbling and a low heat.

Yes, I'm playing Guild Wars. Here, have a random Guild Wars user picture icon thing to prove it. I've been playing for ages, actually, since last summer or so. My main character is Miss Rho, a mesmer, but I also have Little Rho (warrior) and Rho The White (monk). As you can see, creativity in names is not one of my strong points.

My guild mates (a shockingly large number of current and former LJ support people) and I were stuck at Thunderhead for a good long while, but managed to get it figured out in the end. I actually did it just the other day with my warrior, and it was a whole lot easier than I remembered. Which probably implies that I've got better since first doing it.

Feel free to poke me in-game at some point if you need another warm body to try to get through it again. In fact, feel free to poke me in-game at any point, really. I haven't spoken to you properly in ages.

Ours get washed regularly, but they are too big to tumble, so I tend to do them (one at a time) when it's a sunny day, and line-dry them. As Beki says, check to see if there's a manufacturers label.

One point to bear in mind is that a wet sleeping bag may well be heavier than the maximum load your washing machine can handle.

y'know I think that's the longest laundry conversation i've ever seen.

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