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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Dear LJ braintrust
delirium happy
Dear LJ Brain Trust,

Since you gave me such good advice on the sleeping bag issue (well, I assume it was good advice; I've yet to actually try it), I was wondering if you could help me again. My current hairbrush is old and extremely delapidated. I have decided that I really need to buy a new one. I'm unsure, however, what features to look out for when buying a hairbrush. What makes for a good hairbrush? What makes for a crappy hairbrush? Does it even matter at all? If it matters, I have long, curly/wavy hair which tends to tangle easily.

Please advise.


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If your hair develops nice strong tangles, avoid the brushes which have a cartridge-like plasticky bit holding the bristles in which is not entirely surrounded by some other material (for instance, wood). These 'cartridges' have a tendancy to slide out, completely wrecking the brush, when faced with only moderate tangledness.

In other news, rounded-end bristles rarely work for me because my hair pulls them straight out of the brush, too. OTOH, my hair is particularly mean-spirited and also dead straight, which means I can use a toothbrush-style brush on it just fine.

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