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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I have a soft spot for okapi. Aside from sheep and llamas, they're probably my favourite artiodactyls. I recently figured out, during an email exchange, just why it is that I like them.

Turn the clock back however many millions of years, and see the early members of the giraffidae family lounging about, figuring out what they want to do.

"Right lads", says one, "I have an idea. How about we head off into the savana and try to evolve really stupid long necks? Doesn't tha sound cool? Who's with me?"

At this point, a great hubbub breaks out, and their are many cheers and affirmative sounding noises. A gang of enthusiastic proto-giraffes forms up, ready to go, and eager to extend their vertabrae.

There is, however, a small voice of disent, from a few layabout. "Nah mate", says their ringleader, "if you want to head out and do that then that's your choice, bt you're not dragging me along with you on your fool's errand. Me? I'm just going to stay here, gadding about eating some leaves, and trying to find some really cool stockings to wear".

And so the first group headed off and evolved into giraffes, whereas the second group stayed and evolved into okapi.

And this, my friends, is why I like okapi. It's because they're lazy gad-abouts, just like I am.

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Plus, how can you not adore a species that can lick its own ears and excretes scent from its feet?

LOL. The okapi is my favorite animal (second is the manatee... now *there's* a lazy gad-about!)

Dude! They rock! They also look like they've been nicking stuff off of a zebra's washing line. :D

Also, Happy Spawning Day. :)

*curls up like a cat*
They do lazy well too...

That seems a well reasoned and argued point. I had to google okapi to know what animal you meant - I found I'd seen them before, I just didn't know their name.

For the ultimate lazyness though, I have to go with the three toed sloth. I should probably have one as my default userpic...

The Bronx Zoo keeps okapi in an enclosure right next to where the giraffes are, or used to. (They've moved most of the okapi to another area, and I have no idea where the giraffes have gone to--half the zoo seemed to be under construction last month.) This is particularly cool because if you look at okapi in isolation you think "zebra". If you see them next to giraffes, you can see the resemblances--they both have those cool blue-gray tongues, and the hindquarters are a similar shape.

Yay for lazy lazy gad-abouts and interesting clothing. Yay for this livejournal post, which is lovely.

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