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Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Sport commentary cliche
delirium pissed off
And a random gripe about something that annoys me, because there surely haven't been enough of those in this journal.

Why is it that sports commentators will persist in refering to fourth place or losing semi-finalist as the worst possible place to finish? This is blatantly not true. Fourth place is a vastly better position than dead last. I would much rather get to a semi-final than be eliminated in the first round. Why do they always claim this?

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Usually because to be in the semis is to be one step away from the big occasion. At least if you get there, you have the memories..
That said, I suspect Bayern Munich in 1999 were in the worst position.. To literally have two hands on the trophy & lose..

Because they have the IQ of about half a dozen PE teachers?

Maybe because the 4th place is the only semifinalist who doesn't go home with a medal (in the appropriate type of competition)? I do agree with you, though.

Guess it's a perspective thing. When I bomb out in a tournament, I bombed out. Should've done better, etc.

But when I just miss the finals cut? That's always the worst. Especially when the odds are there are people I've beaten recently within the cut.

You don't mind losing badly, but just missing it is always gutting.

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