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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Ads on LJ
So. Ads on LJ, eh? My thoughts, in bullet format:
  • I hate ads
  • Furthermore, I hate ads
  • Really, I'm not so bothered by this though, because I'll never have to see them
  • And everyone is still getting either exactly what they paid for or getting something for nothing
  • And yes, it kinda sucks that the old business model is being somewhat abandoned, but communism didn't work either
  • Slashdot sure does print a load of crap
  • The sky appears to still be exactly where I left it
  • If you're worried about a slippery slope, decide where the line is, and stick to your convictions and leave if they cross it
  • Me, I'll be looking for a new agregator if I can't see my friends age without ads, and a new publishing platform if I have to have ads on my journal. And if I'm looking for one, I'll probably just leave entirely.
  • I worry that since free users are going to see a bunch of ads anyway, there'll end up being little incentive not to move to the ad level.
  • Bikesheds. Etc.
Or to put it more simply: I don't particularly like it, but aren't massively bothered either.

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And not fussing over the colour thereof. Which is to say, choosing battles, and not kicking up a huge fuss over anything that I'm not massively fond of.

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