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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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St. George's Day
Today is, apparently, St. George's Day, with St. George being the Patron Saint of England (and many other places). I'm not generally a fan of Saint George. He's a largely mythical figure, where one of the very few hard facts that are known about him is that he never venutred anywhere near England in his entire life. He only wound up being Patron Saint of England because he was so beloved of those paragons of violence and bigotry that were the crusaders. He is also the Patron Saint of syphilis, herpes, and Boy Scouts.

He does, however, have one redeeming feature, which moves him up in my estimation. He is also the Patron Saint of sheep. Baaaaa. Happy St. George's Day.

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Oh, bugger. See, there I was, feeling all indignant about the fact he killed off an endangered species, and then I discover he has a soft spot for sheep. Damn. I can't hate him now. *sulks*

Actually, the only hard facts we know about St George are that he's a martyr and his feast day is April 23rd. It seems unlikely that he came to these islands, but that bit didn't get written down.

Hah, we used to have Edward the Confessor as a patron saint until only six hundred years or so ago. Now there's a guy we know something about. I wonder whether we could get him back again.

Sheep? Really? Now that is worth celebrating. :o)

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