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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Today's entry is brought to you by the letter R
delirium happy
In lieu of any actual real content, have a meme.

The idea of this one, for those who haven't seen it, is as follows: you are given a letter, and then choose ten words beginning with this letter which in some way mean something to you, and explain why. I was given the letter R by jenmcd. Alphabetised for your pleasure.

randomness — potato battery bouncing nearby India. Randomness is a large part of what makes life fun. A break from the old routine. A deviation from the norm. The unexpected. There's also the neat link to qunatum physics and the whole free will and determinism debate.

re- — Lots of different re- words that I could have put in here — reinvention, recreation, rebirth, reinterpretation — so I'm just leaving it as the prefix. Starting anew. Coming up with different ways of looking at things. The idea that things need not be the way they are, and that change is possible.

reading — I don't tend to read nearly as much as I used to or as I intend to, but even so, how could I not include this one? Not only is burying myself in a good book the ultimate in escapism, but when I look atall the things that I do and all the things that are important to me, they all seem to stem back to something I read somewhere.

reality — that which is. Which is a fairly broad item, I admit, but an important one. I could call it the Tao, or I could call it the laws of physics, but it's the same thing. Science, religion and philosophy are all attempts to make sense of reality and understand its nuances.

reflection — I do have a tendency to take this one too far, sometimes, but I think that it's important for me to truly know myself. I like to know wht makes me tick, to know how I'll react in certain situations, and to know what's important to me, all of which requires a healthy dose of self-reflection.

relativity — the theory that time willmove slower the more family members there are gathered in one place. We,not really. A dual meaning to this one. On the first hand, there's Einsteinian relativity, which is a beautiful piece of physics, and also a wonderful example of someone looking at reality and describing what is rather than what ought to be. On the second hand, there's the idea of moral relativism, which I tend to subscribe to (mostly; clearly it's applicability depends on the observer).

relaxation — for is it notwritten,"if you were any more laid back you'd be horizontal"? I don't like to get stressed up over things. Much better to be relaxed and laid back, and what happens, happens.

research — if you don't know something, ask someone. If nobody else seems to know, try to look it up. If you can't find the information anywhere, then go and actually try it out and discover the result for yourself. Why this concept is beyond so many people, I do not know.

rho — me. Or rather, a name for me. And as names go, it's served me rather well. I was strugging to find a name that seemed to "fit" a few years back, and that one dropped into my lap and has served wonderfully well ever since.

'rithmetic — OK, so this is cheating slightly, but it is one of the three Rs, so I figure I can bet away with it. I've always had an aptitude for maths. My party trick when I was Little was to do simultaneous equations. I find tht playing with and manipulating numbers is very peceful nd relaxing to me, and often also fun. One of my methods of getting to sleep when I hve insomnia is to do pointless bits of geometry in my head ("say, I wonder what the angles in the points of a regular hepgrm are"). Why, yes, I am a freak.

Letters available on request.

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I'd like a letter. The alphabetical sort, rather than the paper type, but you can give me both if you feel like it.

I shall resist the temptation to suggest X, and instead give you D.

Lovely list! Or maybe I should should say Remarkable recitation! This one has been fun.

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