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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I read it on teh intarweb so it must be true
delirium pissed off
A few peopleon my friends list recently linked to an article alleging that there was mass electoralfraud in the 2004 US presidential election. I would comment to them all individually, butI can't even remember who it was who linked it any more.

I've just encountered a rebuttal which makes it seem as if most of it was bunkum. Not, of course, that this means that the Republican party and the Bush administration isn't full of crooks and liars. It just means that many of those who oppose them also happen tobecrooks and liars. Quite possibly the person writing the rebuttal is also a crook and a liar too (though I have no evidence to suggest that, and tend to believe otherwise).

Caveat lector, et cetera.

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I linked, got it via itchyfidget, and found the whole thing very worrying, the rebuttal in Salon looks comprehensive though.

However, from what I know of the US process, the whole thing is wide open for corrupt practices, regardless of which side did the most rigging, it shouldn't be possible at that scale anyway.

Bastion of freedom and liberty?


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