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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Idiots on myspace
delirium happy
From a Salon article via improbable_blog. A lot of the article makes me either boggle or seethe, but this bit makes me snicker madly:
Kurt Opsahl, a staff lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to defend Internet free speech, agrees.

"You have of course a Constitutional right not to incriminate yourself, but you have to exercise that right by not incriminating yourself," Opsahl says. "If you post a photo of yourself engaged in apparently illegal activity with text confirming what you're doing, that can be used against you. Anything you say can and will be used against you, as they say in the Miranda warnings."

But according to James McNamee, MySpace's younger users, or at least the ones he sees in his virtual patrols, haven't yet caught on to that.
Based on what I saw when I used to be on the LJ abuse team, this really is so very true.

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"A home page is basically as private as it gets,"..."someone has to personally seek out your name and find you in order to view your MySpace, which is what stirs me up. That's where I got some sense of privacy. I could have never imagined someone printing out my profile page and then turning it in."

Trans: I am teh stoopid.

I refuse to even register for a profile, but it doesn't seem to have a friends lock or anything similar. End of the day, anyone can find my LJ, it's in my name. There's nothing on it that a casual user can find that I don't mind them knowing.

Now, a logged in close friend? That's another issue entirely.

People posting stuff online and not 'getting' that it can be found by anyone surfing around bother me. I know they're out there, but, y'know, THINK people, read the damn instructions. I remember when blogsearch was launched, I found one thread on LJ in which people were complaining that it was freaky, "random people can find my journal" - given that I was randomly clicking links at the time? Much fun was had with randomness; in a nice way of course.

The guy that got done for the photo? Stupid, adn shouldn't be. The graffiti artists who didn't think they could get caught? Imbeciles. That survey of attitudes? Scary.

The Govt should approve what newspapers publish? American kids think that? Ouch. Thx for the link.

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