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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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English football fans
delirium happy
Earplugs to block out the sound of raucous fans leaving the pub: £1

The 9 England replica shirts I saw as I went to the supermarket this evening, which will never be worn after this month: £180

Extra fuel to counteract the drag caused by little England flags on cars throughout the country: £1.2m

The dream of England losing to Trinidad and Tobago: priceless

(and I even quite like football)

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There should be more football. It's the cure to the nation's transport issues. Or something.

Clearly they were all staying off the road because they couldn't afford enough petrol to overcome the drag of their eensy little flags.

The conversation I've just had with poor englishdude, who is currently being made to drive around in one of those diddy little SMART cars adorned with no less than three of the bloody things, suggests that this may well be true.

Meanwhile, here in America, life continues.

(Are we even in that? I don't think we're in that. Is Ireland in? That might be worth a pub trip.)

Oh, it appears we are. You'd think that would be in the sports pages or something.

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